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Variety of facilities
RAUM group’s portfolio of owned assets is represented by various items of commercial property. Today RAUM successfully manages the following assets: • facilities with a total area exceeding 300,000 m2, • land plots of more than 90 ha Raum makes the top five operators in the Northwest.
RAUM group develops effective Russian business practices by combining the experience and international standards. The Company has been implementing build-to-suit projects to enable the arrangement of long-term and mutually profitable partnership.
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RAUM GC– integrated professional management Company in the sector of commercial property. Accumulated competencies in the development of in-house assets allow to administer facilities of any type and designation. On-site profitability increase activities include preparation of the positioning strategy, real-time control, financial planning, book-keeping, legal and marketing support.
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Property management during the entire life cycle – one of the RAUM GC key competencies. Top-quality management system and high qualification of experts ensure a professional approach to operation of every facility managed by RAUM Services business unit. Administrative and technical services implement a system complex of activities to enable not only a smooth operation of facilities but their development in accordance with global energy saving trends and environmental standards.
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Warehousing and storage within an extensive network of warehouses, distribution, logistics of chemicals and consumer goods by rail and water throughout the entire USSR
Demand for well-built and properly operated facilities allows to expand the development sector. Construction of business centers to meet the market demand.
RAUM group
Provision of comprehensive services to external clients in the area of construction, management, operation and safety.
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