Multifunctional production and logistics complex
Lease of warehousing and production rooms

Technical characteristics

Concrete floor with anti-dust coating

Load on floors is 5-6 tons

Ceiling height is 12-13 meters

Electrical power margin is 5 MW

Storage rack system

Built-in offices

Entrance ramp

Municipal water supply

Fire sprinkler system

Dock leveler

Cross docking capability

Operating hours 24/7


Facility Management (engineering, tech. operation, complex cleaning and maintenance of the territory)

Capability to receive benefits for residents

24-hour security of the territory (video surveillance)

High-capacity parking lot for clients 

Enough space for maneuvering of large trucks

Corporate shuttle bus

Additional advertising spaces for lessees

Energy efficiency improvement program

Provision of gas supply to the site

Engineering infrastructure availability

Compliance of service and technologies with standards of self-regulating organizations

Implementation of the wholesale and distribution center project

Development of easy navigation throughout the facility

Expansion of existing access way (4 instead of 2)

Arrangement of additional entries and exits from the Ring Motorway (more intense traffic on site)

Capability for storage of hazardous cargos (combustible liquid) 

Capability of connection to internet and selection of provider

Arrangement of the food products supply

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About project

Multifunctional production and logistics complex RAUM Bugry has been commissioned in 2014 and became an important component in Russian logistics. It is the RAUM GC’s flagship business unit, expanding the geography of the Group assets.

Today RAUM Bugry includes: 

industrial park, 

warm storage warehouses, 

multi-temperature fridge, 

cold storage warehouse.

Multifunctional production and logistics complex RAUM Bugry is located in the Vsevolzhsk district of Leningrad Region at the 23-km of internal ring of the Ring Motorway close to main northern junction at the Engelsa pr. Exceptional location of the park opens an access to a well-developed transport infrastructure of the Northwestern region
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